Use of Welsh

WelshFlagThe school’s official language is Welsh and all pupils are encouraged and helped to master the language and are expected to use it at all times.

Welsh is a core subject at the school and features therefore in each child’s curriculum. Welsh is also used substantially as a teaching medium.

All subjects, excluding English and Science, are taught solely through the medium of Welsh. Science is taught exclusively through the medium of Welsh during Years 7 – 9 and pupils are also encouraged to pursue their Science courses in Years 10 and 11 through the medium of Welsh. The opportunity to follow these courses through the medium of English is available if so desired. Therefore Year 10-13 Science courses can be offered in both languages. 

Bilingual Students

  • have a distinct advantage in the job market.
  • find it easier to learn other languages.
  • can contribute to, and benefit from, a bilingual society in Swansea and beyond.
  • have a stronger sense of identity.
  • value and appreciate other cultures.