14 Jan 2020

January Letter to Parents

Dear Parents / Guardians,

A warm welcome back at the beginning of the new year!



The school attendance rate for the first term was 94.7%. This is much lower than the School’s target for this year which is 96.5%. Could you ensure that your child(ren) attend(s) school every day possible between now and the summer. Please do not take your children on holiday during term time. It is vital that your child takes advantage of every opportunity of benefitting from the education provided in our school.


School Uniform and Lost Property

Complying with the school uniform requirements is very important- black skirt or trousers (no jeans, leggings), black shoes (no other coloured logo), black jumper with the school badge (no ‘hoodies’), blue polo shirt with the school badge. This with a maximum of one stud per ear if earrings are worn. Please would you ensure names are placed on all items of property so that lost items can be easily returned to the owner.



A litter problem still exists on the school site. Litter is unsightly but is also hazardous, with discarded food creating problems with rodents and seagulls. We have underlined the importance of depositing litter in the bins provided, and would appreciate your support in asking your child to conform to the school’s expectations in this respect.



At the end of January, we will be bidding farewell to Mrs Ann-Marie Lewis from the Welsh Department, after being in Ysgol Gyfun Gwyr for the past two years. We wish Mrs Lewis well as she moves to Ysgol Bro Myrddin. Mr Rhodri Nicholls, the School’s Science Technician since September, is leaving usat the beginning of January to take up a new post.  We thank them both for their contribution to school life during their time here.



We welcome Ms Crissley Jones, from Ysgol Bro Edern, to the Welsh Department, Mr Andy Tucknott, as the School’s Science Technician, and Mr Gareth Thomas as a Teaching Assistant, to the School in January, and wish them well in Ysgol Gyfun Gwyr.



You are reminded that an INSET day will be held on Friday, 14th of February 2020.


Yours sincerely

Dafydd Jenkins