26 Feb 2020

Useful information and advice regarding the Coronavirus

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Coronavirus Awareness Poster
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Coronavirus Awareness Poster

Dear Parent/Carer


In relation to the increasing concerns regarding the outbreak of the new Coronavirus, I refer you to the following links:






These provide information on how best to protect yourself and family members from infections including Coronavirus. Daily updates are featured on the NHS (Wales) website.


Any school based travel and educational visits will go ahead as planned, unless the
information from Welsh Government in collaboration with Public Health Wales and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office instruct otherwise.


We advise you to follow this advice to ensure a calm, collective and practical approach, to keeping all in our community as well as practicably possible.


I refer you to Public Health Wales’ official guidelines on how to maintain safe respiratory hygiene: sneeze into a paper handkerchief, dispose of it safely, and wash hands thoroughly and regularly. A simple but very important message. I would ask you to reinforce this message at home with your children. Provided in school are information posters, plenty of paper rolls/hankies in classrooms, antibacterial soap in the toilets and also hand sanitizer units in corridors. We urge all pupils to make good use of these.


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