20 Mar 2020

Letter 20-03-20

Dear Parent/Carer


We had a good day teaching and learning in the School today. It was emphasised to the senior pupils  of the school that they need to continue to work to coursework deadlines in relevant subjects, and submit work electronically to their teachers over the next weeks, so that these assessments can contribute to their final grades.

The attendance rate has been maintained at a reasonable level during the week, and as we face a period when the School is closed to pupils for four weeks in the first instance, I wish the pupils, parents and carers of the School well.


Distance Learning

It is intended to allow the School’s pupils to benefit from Distance Learning, starting on Monday.
Bespoke tasks will be set for the pupils to complete, with the usual subject teachers guiding the learning. It is hoped that the current timetable will be broadly adhered to, with pupils completing subject tasks on the days that correspond to their timetable.
OBTAINING DAILY ACCESS TO THE HWB E-MAIL ACCOUNT is essential for your children to receive the necessary instruction and guidance from their teachers.

External Examinations and Qualifications

Many of the School’s senior pupils expressed their regret today at the news that GCSE and A level external examinations have been cancelled for Summer 2020. We sympathise with them as they face this period of uncertainty. The School received a notification from Qualifications Wales today (https://www.qualificationswales.org/english/coronavirus). It was emphasised that they were working with the Welsh Government, WJEC and UK co-regulators to ensure that learners who were due to sit their GCSE and A level examinations would be given a fair grade in recognition of their work. They do appreciate that people will want to know more and will share further details as soon as possible. Mr Jenkins will relay such information to you in due course.



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