11 Feb 2015

Year 9 : GCSE Options Booklet

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The time is approaching when your child will be asked to choose subjects to   be studied from September 2015 and which will lead to external examinations in 2017

The curriculum will include

i. Core Subjects    
Welsh, English, Maths and Numeracy, Double Science, and General Studies (Personal and Social Development, Careers, Religious Education and PE/Games).  Every pupil will also fulfil the requirements of the Intermediate Welsh Baccalaureate in Year 10 and 11 which includes the Key Skills.

ii. Optional Subjects

Your child will need to choose three optional subjects in the first instance..

The school will make every effort to try and accommodate your child’s preferences, but this may not always be possible.   It may be that not all the choices are appropriate or they might possibly place too much pressure on an individual.  We will discuss such situations with your child should the need arise, and offer specific advice.  We will always consult you as parents to confirm the final choice.

A Parents’ Evening will be held on Tuesday 3 March (4.00 – 7.00pm) to discuss your child’s progress thus far in Year 9, and to discuss your child’s options for Year 10. The pupils will be expected to return their preferences by Friday,  6 March 2015.

We also include some guidelines for making choices at the end of this booklet, but the important thing, for the present, is to consider the information on every subject and to discuss it with your child.  Try and think along the lines of a broad and balanced curriculum, which will give your child a variety of experiences rather than following a narrow path with too many subjects in the same curriculum area..

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Katherine Davies (Headteacher)

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