15 Oct 2015

Year 13 : Mock Interview Evening : Wednesday, 4 November, 2015

The process and training in order to apply for a place in University will soon be coming to an end, and so on wednesday evening, 4  November, from 6pm onwards  a very important evening will be held in school for year 13 students, in order to prepare them for the next phase in the Higher Education application process,  – the university interviews.  This event is organised annually as it provides each student with an invaluable opportunity. We have organised for the Admissions Tutors from several Universities across Wales, in addition to many representatives from various professions to come to the school in order to conduct the mock interviews. This activity will give your child a chance to experience a purposeful university interview, allowing him/her to develop an understanding of the requirements necessary for a successful performance.

The interview will be based on the content of your child’s Personal Statement and his/her choice of courses to study. In addition to this, the interviewer will present the questions that are most frequently asked by universities.  Your child’s performance will also be assessed, and the interviewer will offer constructive criticisms at the end of the interview in order to develop his/her self-confidence. Feedback will be based on the following: content of answers, expression, verbal and non-verbal communication, presentation etc. Advice will also be offered regarding what questions your child should ask during an interview, given the opportunity.

Every student is expected to attend the evening (timetable to follow). If, for some reason, your child will not be available on Tuesday, I would kindly like to stress the importance of notifying us as soon as possible please. I ask this, so that I may contact the interviewer and notify him/her in advance so that they do not make a wasted journey to the school. It will not be possible however to re-organise the interview.

I would be very grateful if you could you ensure that your child takes full advantage of this valuable event. Thank you in anticipation of your support.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Eleri Wyn Williams

Head of Sixth Form

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