03 Nov 2015

Dark Mornings and Evenings (Autumn/Winter 2015/16)

It is timely for us to remind you of our concerns in relation to dark Mornings and Evenings – Autumn/Winter 2015/16. In our case, safety issues around the location of the public footpath and car park area adjacent to the new teaching block cause us most concern. We advise that every member of staff/Sixth form student be extra vigilant in the dark when crossing the public footpath/walking to vehicles parked in the area and should consider:

  • Walking to vehicles in pairs if dark at the end of the school day.
  • Staff to move their vehicles to the main school yard at the end of the school day if involved with a late activity.
  • Sixth form students need reminding of the same arrangement. Students should not walk alone to their vehicles parked in the car park when dark and should always wait for company. Consideration should be given to moving vehicles on to the main yard at the end of the school day if there is involvement with a late school activity. However, students must always seek permission from the Head or Deputy Head of Sixth Form Mrs Eleri Williams/Mrs Annette Tilson to park vehicles on the main school yard after normal school hours.

We remind everyone of the 3 mile per hour speed limit for vehicles moving on the school yard. Please be aware of the dangers of failing natural light and be aware of pedestrians, including staff and pupils when driving a vehicle on the main yard after 3.30pm.