09 Nov 2015

Welsh Song (Cymreictod)

1We have all been extending our knowledge of popular Welsh culture since half term by listening to some modern Welsh songs.

Over the next week, it’s the rocky voices of Glan-llyn-area, Candelas‘ turn to be played in the school’s classrooms. Candelas is a popular band from North Wales who have released two albums and played in tens of gigs all over Wales in the past few years. Over the summer, they were the chosen band to headline a night at Wales’ most popular festival, Maes B.

Anifail is the first song. A rock song to wake you up on a Monday morning. If you like what you hear, why not click on to Soundcloud, YouTube or Spotify to hear more?

Candelas : Anifail (Soundcloud)

Candelas : Anifail (YouTube)