16 Nov 2015

Welsh Song (Cymreictod) – 16th November

Sebona FiYws Gwynedd- Sebona Fi

Over the next two weeks we will be listening to a completely different song.

Sebona Fi (“Spoil me”) is a great pop song from one of the most popular artist on the Welsh rock and pop scene. This is a song to make you dance and enjoy life.

You (or your parents) might have heard of a band called Frizbee, from the late 90s? Well, Yws Gwynedd is its lead singer who re-invented himself with a bang two summers ago all over Wales with his debut single, Sebona Fi.

Without a doubt, this is a song to make you smile!

Yws Gwynedd- Sebona Fi – YouTube

Yws Gwynedd- Sebona Fi – SoundCloud