16 Mar 2017

Influencing Fashion

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Influencing Fashion


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What is your definition of fashion? For most people, it’s all the same. Their answer would be ‘the trend at the moment’, but have you ever thought about why and what makes everyone want to blend in and not stand out?

Recent stories have revealed that a London receptionist, Nicola Thorp, was sent home after refusing to wear high heels. This has provoked a national outburst of disgust. Ms. James, a teacher and an empowering women shared her view on this controversy.

“As stated in recent stories, what is your opinion on the fact that women are expected to dress a certain way for work?”

“I do not agree at all. It is inappropriate and sexist. It’s detrimental for women! If you’re comfortable, yet still look fairly smart in your work clothes, then I feel like that’s acceptable and you would probably get more work done.”

As more and more people are challenging the fashion trends and stereotypes, we take a look at the trends for the upcoming seasons.

Today’s Fashion
Embroidery shoes and bags, velvet dresses and neutral tops are all must haves, and made an appearance on the runway at all Fashion Week’s this year. In every shop, high end and high street, there is an obvious trend on the shelves, but are these clothes realistic for our working-class generation?

Fashion Gone Global
From all four corners of the world, fashion plays the biggest role in day to day life, but some places such as London, Milan, Paris and New York think that fashion is a mandatory requirement for living. Last year, it was crystal clear that layering clothing items was the ‘thing’ of its time, but trends only last a few weeks maximum, so influencers had to create a new fresh fad.

The current baseline for fashion is bright and bold colours, but as you travel the world you will see the variety of cultures blossoming from the root. Examples of this are in Africa, where modern yet traditional and cultural patterns appeared at their Fashion Week. It was also a first for Fokrul Haque to interpret his fashion line at Bangladesh Fashion Week, where beautiful traditional outfits stole the show. Countries are eager to keep a hint of culture in their modern fashion. Websites such as ‘Elle’ predict there’ll be more graphic wear and ankle accessories this summer.

Aspirational and idealistic
Today’s generation are the main fashion icons. Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Sofia Richie just to name a few. However, does the idealistic and aspirational world of fashion as presented in the media influence the way young people look today? After asking some young people how fashion influences the way they dress, half of them ( interestingly female responses) said that they feel that fashion has a negative influence on them, and said they feel ‘pressured’ to look a certain way. On the other hand, the other half (boys) said that they feel ‘confident’ and ‘comfortable’ in what they wear. They said that they buy what they want without having anyone/anything else influencing on them, and they don’t feel pressure. Perhaps this shows the real psychological side of things, and that females are much more affected than males.

Celebrity Fashion
It’s no secret that many young people today are obsessed with famous celebrities, such as the Kardashians, Beyoncé and Selena Gomez, but how much of an impact do these people make on our generation? Unbelievably 6 out of 10 women in the UK have said that their body image made them feel depressed. Most people say that celebrities have a negative influence, but not many people rave about how famous people inspire the industry. Many young people want to look as perfect as a celebrity does, whether that’s on a red carpet or going down the beach.

Fashion Forward
Mrs. Morris, a textiles teacher of many years at Ysgol Gyfun Gwyr in Swansea share her knowledge and experience of the fashion industry. Her response was surprisingly mixed

As you teach year 7 every year, do you see a growing pattern in their choice of fashion through their work?

“Every year, the trend changes. I see a variety of work.”

Do you adapt the work you do with all year groups to fit in with the fashion trend at the time?

“Yes, our department do try to keep up with the trends and make it more enjoyable and modern for the students.”

As many men are fashion designers, would you say boys are better than girls at designing?

“No! Unfortunately most boys don’t see textiles as a subject. However the boys that do take it seriously are passionate and enjoy it.”

Do you think celebrities have an influence on young people’s fashion?

“Yes definitely. All types of media from TV to social media do.”

Now that Nicola Thorp stood up for what she believed in, let’s hope that other people around the world have the same confidence.
Mia (13) a Laurel(13)