16 Mar 2017

Swansea School Budget Cuts 

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 Swansea School Budget Cuts


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 ”Education is the future of our country”

Are the Welsh Government funding enough money for the education department, and what is the future for pupils and staff of Swansea Schools with budgets being cut year after year?
98% of schools in Swansea are being financially disadvantaged due to the rapid increase of education demands. Some teachers at the local schools have had to purchase their own classroom supplies for the pupil’s daily use. Many teachers at Swansea schools have been made redundant as the Welsh Government seem appear to be cutting budgets to the core; putting many teacher’s jobs at risk. The Government’s economic cuts were originally set to last a year but have now continued for many years with education, as part of the public sector, at the forefront of these cuts.

The statistics on the website School Cuts show that the City and County of Swansea have lost money over the years, and have suffered because of the budget cuts. In total the county have lost £233 per pupil, 214 teachers and £8,006,812 . Statistics on the website School Cuts have shown that by the year 2019 Ysgol Gyfun Gwyr would have lost £252,542 of their budget, and are now on £293 per pupil and have lost 6 teachers.

The Head of English at Gwyr, Mrs Rhian  Churchill was asked  whether any of the staff had to buy stationary supplies for the pupils use as a result of the budget cuts. She answered and said  “All of the staff in the English department have needed to buy things such as glue, highlighters and green marking pens. ”

She was also asked  if she had seen a significant change in how much money the school has each year?  Mrs. Churchill replied by saying “Because of the cuts we’ve had to ask pupils, especially  GCSE and 6th form students to purchase their own work books (they used to be able to afford to buy  them for the students). We’re lucky because  we are a school where pupils can afford them”

Whereas Mr. Jenkins the Headmaster of the school    said “This year and last year there have been no difference in the cuts, however I have seen a rise in the number of cuts over the years

Another question that was asked is Does the school have the money that they need? In which the Head-teacher replied: “I’d like to decrease the classes (to give better education for each student) but due to the lack of money that the Welsh Government offer the school, that won’t be possible as there is not enough money to hire teachers

In relation to who do these budget cuts effect most?
Mr Jenkins replied by saying: “It effects the pupils most as there are not enough teachers

A question specifically put to the Headmaster Mr. Jenkins was his opinion on how the budget cuts will affect students future?

He replied by saying “”

GAN- Caitlin (14), William (14), Anwen (14), Elin (14) a Ffion (13) `