28 Feb 2018

Letter to Parents – Inclement Weather

There is the possibility of an inclement weather front coming our way, moving up from the South across Wales tomorrow (Thursday 1st March) and Friday (2nd March) leading into the weekend.  There is an Amber Weather Warning in force issued by the Met. Office for the location of the school for freezing temperatures, snow, ice, high winds and freezing rain leading to dangerous conditions.

The school will remain open over the next few days if it is reasonable and safe.  However, if I deem it necessary to close the school then I will make this difficult decision based on the information that is available to me.  Please keep a close eye on school text messages, the school website, school Twitter and other media sources i.e. Swansea Sound – The Wave, Radio Cymru, etc., for updates if necessary.  Should we experience heavy snowfall during the school day either tomorrow or Friday be aware that it is possible that the school will close early and buses will be called to collect pupils.  Please make contingency plans to receive your children safely home earlier than is normal.

Weather forecasts are very changeable. We will be keeping a very close watch on developments over the next two days.

Therefore, we ask you to be aware, be prepared, and make contingency plans.

Thank you for your co-operation.


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Letter to Parents – Inclement Weather