Complying with the school uniform requirements is very important.


School Uniform

Black skirt or trousers (no jeans, leggings), black shoes (no other coloured logo), black jumper with the school badge (no ‘hoodies’), blue polo shirt with the school badge. This with a maximum of one stud per ear if earrings are worn. Please would you ensure names are placed on all items of property so that lost items can be easily returned to the owner.


Mobile Phones

Could you remind your children that using the camera on the mobile phone to take photographs or videos is not allowed during the school day anywhere on the school site.

Summer school uniform

Pupils may opt to wear black shorts during the last half term of the school year if the weather is very hot. Please note the details below:


Short trousers for boys

Boys may wear plain black knee length or three quarter length shorts. Would you please ensure that the shorts are smart for school wear. Boys can wear their black school shoes or trainers with the shorts, but not flip flops or open toe sandals because of health and safety reasons. We do not allow multi-coloured or patterned flowery shorts, or rugby shorts.


Shorts for Girls

In the same way girls can also wear plain black knee length shorts or three quarter length trousers with their black school shoes or trainers but not flip flops or open toe sandals. Girls may wear the knee length school skirt as an option too but not leggings.



There is cooled drinking water available for the pupils in areas of the playground during break times. Pupils may bring a plastic bottle to school every day and fill it in these areas during break times.


Sun hats / cream

Please ensure your children take the necessary precautions on hot days to avoid sunburn/ sunstroke.