Ysgol Gyfun Gŵyr Assembly


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Our main aim is to provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum to every pupil in the school by:

  • meeting all the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum
  • developing a range of skills based upon the Literacy, Numeracy and Digital Competence Frameworks
  • nurturing positive attitudes in every individual enabling him/her to adapt in a flexible manner to new ideas and situations
  • promoting the ability in individuals to work independently and in teams to solve problems and to decide upon appropriate ways to accomplish tasks
  • helping every individual to develop personal standards which exhibit sensitivity towards other peoples’ needs and become caring and responsible adults
  • motivating each individual to reach his/her full potential, by actively involving pupils in the process of self-evaluation and action planning to make further progress promoting equal opportunity and the principle of respecting every individual who is a member of the school community and the extended community
  • promoting Welshness and the Curriculum Cymreig and fostering an awareness of the nation’s heritage and culture as well as an understanding of, and respect towards, other cultures
  • promoting a world wide awareness of environmental and sustainability issues
  • promoting an awareness of healthy living and eating healthily
  • developing an understanding of the requirements of the world of work and offer an opportunity to follow vocational courses
  • ensuring progression and continuation between key stages
  • ensuring a wide range of informal learning experiences.
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