Home-school links 
The co-operation between home and school has been a most important aspect of the life of this school from the outset and is vital to the successful development and progression of all pupils.Parents of new pupils starting school in September are invited to visit the school, in the preceding July. At the end of the first half term in October, Year 7 parents are invited to the school for an Induction evening to discuss how the new pupils have settled in at the school and to receive additional information.

There is a yearly parents evening for every school year and parents are informed daily by text if homework has not been completed. We have an open-door policy and encourage parents to contact us at any time if they have concerns regarding their child’s academic progress and welfare. 

Good behaviour is imperative for every child’s academic progress. Respect for others, together with self-respect, is the corner stone of the school’s behaviour policy. Lack of respect exhibited through bad behaviour therefore is not acceptable.  Parents or guardians of children who continually misbehave will be contacted and those pupils will be dealt according to the school’s behaviour code. Serious misbehaviour could lead to internal exclusion and not being able to represent the school on the sporting field. 


At Gŵyr, we believe that excellent attendance is closely linked with excellent outcomes, both in terms of examination results and experiencing the wider school life. We work in partnership with families and the Local Authority to ensure regular attendance and families should not to book holidays during term time in order to promote the importance of education.

All pupils should aim to attain at least 96% attendance across the year. We are very proud that the percentage of pupils achieving 100% attendance at Gŵyr is high and all receive rewards for their attendance at the end of the school year.


Safeguarding a child from all causes of harm is of the utmost priority at Gŵyr. All staff, including support staff, are aware of child protection procedures and are regularly trained. We have two designated members of staff responsible for child protection. They are Rhodri Evans, a Senior Teacher,  as the designated child protection officer and Sara Thomas as his deputy. Individuals should contact them immediately by telephoning the school on 01792 872403 should they have serious concerns for pupil’s welfare. 

Additional Learning Needs

Gŵyr is an inclusive school in which every child is valued and has the right to attain to his or her full potential. Some children will require some extra support in order to achieve. Emma Morris, as Additional Learning Needs Coordinator, leads a team of internal and external specialists in this field. If parents or guardians have specific concerns, they should contact the school to ask to speak with Mrs Morris. In addition, the school has established a support centre-the “Hafan”-where pupils who may need some “time out” during the school day from lessons for their own wellbeing can go. It is staffed by two full time pastoral officers who can support the child for that period of time. Obviously if serious concerns develop, after discussing the situation with the appropriate member of the senior management team, parents or guardians will be contacted.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Gŵyr is renowned for all the lunch-time and after school activities. We believe not only in developing a child academically as an excellent learner but also as a rounded individual who is a healthy citizen. Consequently, there is a range of sporting, musical and cultural activities available and we encourage all pupils to participate. Parents or guardians should contact the child’s Head of Year for full information on the extra-curricular menu.

What our pupils say

  • There are lots of lunchtime clubs and after school. Gŵyr wants you to be happy and learn at the same time.
  • Gŵyr is like one big family.
  • Gŵyr had given me hundreds of opportunities in sport – I have been in the netball team, football, gymnastics, athletics, cross-country and lots more.
  • Ysgol Gyfun Gŵyr is special because we have many experiences. You can do any sport and Science is cool! You can also join the choir and the Drama Club.
  • Ysgol Gyfun Gŵyr is excellent – there are plenty of activities to keep you occupied all the time.
  • At Ysgol Gyfun Gŵyr it is fun because you meet lots of friends. The DT lessons are good because you can use machines. The Science lessons are good because you can use the Bunsen Burner and do experiments.
  •  Ysgol Gyfun Gŵyr is a lovely school to be in. There is plenty of room to play and you learn lots of things and there are clubs after school. You make friends really quickly.
  • Gŵyr is a very good school – there are fun clubs and a lot more. The subjects are interesting and there are lunchtime activities like the IT Club, netball, choir, homework club, rugby. The food is tasty!
  • All the teachers are lovely. There are lots of experiences and you make lots of new friends from other schools. Also if you have a problem you can speak to your Head of Year.
  • I like Gŵyr because there are lots of new lessons and many clubs and also the Sixth Formers are there to help you if there is something wrong. The teachers are so nice too.
  • Ysgol Gyfun Gŵyr is great!
  • I really enjoyed the Bridging Course in Llangrannog in Year 6.
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