Respecting Rights

Over the past few years, Ysgol Gyfun Gwyr has been actively promoting children’s rights within the school. We have been awarded Unicef’s Silver Award as a Rights Respecting School which is an acknowledgement that as a school, we recognise the importance of

  • teaching and learning about rights
  • teaching and learning through rights and
  • actively encourage the school community to be ambassadors for the rights of others.

The aim of this award is to promote pupil understanding of all the rights that children have under the United Nations Convention on the rights of the Child.

We promote these rights through whole school initiatives as well as within lessons. A variety of committees exist to promote the rights of young people like Article 14 (The right to practise their own religion), Article 23 (The right to care and special protection if you are disabled in order to lead full and independent lives) and Article 37 (The right to be treated fairly). These committees include an anti-racism and Islamophobia committee, as well as committees campaigning for the rights of girls, children and the LGBT+ communities.

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